War and Battles Quiz 2

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Name the battle?.

1. That was fought in San Antonio in 1836

2. In which Horatio Nelson died

3. In which William III defeated James II in 1690

4. Also known as Custers Last Stand

5. Fought on Senlac Hill

6. In which tanks were first used

7. In which Robert the Bruce defeated Edward II in 1314

8. Also known as the Battle of Aboukir Bay

9. That was the first major battle of the Falklands war

10. Of 1066 that shares its name with a football stadium


1. Alamo

2. Trafalgar

3. Boyne

4. Little Big Horn

5. Hastings

6. Somme

7. Bannockburn

8. Nile

9. Goose Green

10. Stamford Bridge


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