War and Battles Quiz 3

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1. Scenes from which battle were the first to appear on a British commemorative postage stamp?

2. Which was the final battle in the Wars of the Roses?

3. Which was the last battle to take place on English soil?

4. The last British monarch to lead his troops into battle was George II at the battle of Dettingen. In which war did this battle take place?

5. At which battle is it said that Nelson deliberately put his telescope to his blind eye so as to ignore an order to withdraw?

6. Name either of the two tribes that combined to defeat General Custer's forces at the Battle of Little Big Horn?

7. Who led the victorious armies at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314?

8. During which battle did the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade take place?

9. Who led the victorious forces at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356?

10. Which battle was the title of a UK number two hit for Lonnie Donegan in 1959?


1. Battle of Britain

2. Battle of Bosworth Field

3. Battle of Sedgemoor

4. The War of Austrian Succession

5. Battle of Copenhagen

6. Sioux or Cheyenne

7. Robert the Bruce

8. Battle of Balaclava

9. Edward, the Black Prince

10. The battle of New Orleans


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