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History1. What waterway did Britain buy a share of in 1875?

2. What did Winson Churchill describe as ?a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma??

3. What Catholic Bishop was killed in Rome on February 14 AD 270?

4. Who was the last British Monarch to strike someone with a sword?

5. Who was the first Prime minister of India?

6. What 3 leaders signed the Camp David agreement?

7. What mythological creature did King George V have tattooed on his right arm?

8. Who replaced King Farouk in a 1952 coup?

9. Who declared :?The Whitehouse has had no involvement whatever in this particular incident??

10. Who was hanged in 1950 and pardoned in 1966?

11. In which year was the battle of Magenta (+/- 2 years)?

12. Who founded the first US detective agency in 1850?

13. In which year was the US Declaration of Independence issued?

14. Which architect laid out Covent garden?

15. Which French King was married to Marie Antoinette?

16. What was the name of Donald Campbell?s record breaking boats and cars?

17. What was the first nuclear powered submarine?

18. Who was the first English Actor to be knighted?

19. Which presidents desk bore the legend ?The Buck stops here??

20. Which organisation was started by Chad Varah in 1953?


1. The Suez Canal

2. Russia

3. St valentine

4. Queen Elizabeth II

5. Jawaharal Nehru

6. Begin, Carter, Sadat

7. A Dragon

8. Gamel Abdel Nasser

9. Richard Nixon

10. Timothy Evans

11. 1859 (57-61)

12. Allan Pinkerton

13. 1776

14. Inigo Jones

15. Louis XVI

16. Bluebird

17. Nautilus

18. Henry Irving

19. Harry S Truman

20. The Samaritans


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