History Quiz 11

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The following quiz questions were submitted by "the Judge" from the UK. Great job m'Ludd.

History1. In Greek legend, which King turned everything he touched into gold?

2. What was William The Conqueror`s wife called?

3. For what invention is Earl Silas Tupper best known?

4. Who shot Martin Luther King?

5. Which geographical location was the first word spoken on the moon?

6. What was the name of Dick Turpin`s horse?

7. Who organised the first continental holiday tour in 1855?

8. Which prison was built on the Isle of Wight in 1830?

9. Which brothers invented the airplane in 1903?

10. Which French city was besieged by the English until the arrival of Joan of Arc?


1. King Midas

2. Matilda

3. Tupperware

4. James Earl Ray

5. Houston

6. Black Bess

7. Thomas Cook

8. Parkhurst

9. Wilbur and Orville Wright

10. Orleans 


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