History Quiz 12

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History1. Who defeated Edward II at Bannockburn?

2. William Booth founded which organisation?

3. Which 17th century pirate was Knighted and made Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica?

4. Which famous battle was actually fought on Senlac Hill?

5. La Gioconda is an alternative name for which painting?

6. What was the name of the ship in which Captain Cook first sailed to the South Seas?

7. Where was Thomas a Beckett murdered?

8. Which was the first "classic" English horse race, introduced in 1776?

9. Where did King John put his seal to the Magna Carta?

10. Barbarossa was the German codename for the Invasion of which country?

11. Which King began the building of the Tower of London?

12. By what name is the pirate Edward Teach better known?

13. At which castle was Mary Queen of Scots executed?

14. From which country did Norway secure its independence in 1905?

15. Who was King of England on January 1st 1066?

16. From which British port did the Titanic sail on her maiden voyage?

17. Who led the defeated Scottish Army at the battle of Falkirk in 1298?

18. Which country declared war on Japan 2 days AFTER the atomic bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima?

19. During which war were the battles of Corinth, Cold Harbour, and the Wilderness?

20. Which country's troops invaded Cambodia in 1979?

21. Antonia de Sanchez had an affair with which British politician in 1992?

22. Which food, not rationed during World War II, was rationed after it?

23. In which European country did the ayatollah khomein in spend 14 years in exile before his return to Iran in 1979?

24. German amateur flyer Mathias Rust caused an international stir when he landed his light plane where?

25. In 1921 what did it become compulsory for cars to have?

26. Who bought the mirror-publishing group in 1984?

27. Which was the last battle of the war of the roses?

28. What, in the days of prohibition, was hooch?

29. Who beat the English at Stirling and was disembowelled at Smithfield?

30. In which year was the great fire of London?


1. Robert the Bruce

2. The Salvation Army

3. Henry Morgan

4. Battle of Hastings

5. The Mona Lisa

6. Endeavor

7. Canterbury Cathedral

8. St Leger

9. Runnymede

10. Russia

11. William I (the conqueror)

12. Blackbeard

13. Fotheringay

14. Sweden

15. Edward (the Confessor)

16. Southampton

17. William Wallace

18. Russia

19. American Civil War

20. Vietnam

21. David Mellor

22. Bread

23. France

24. Red Square, Moscow

25. Tax Disc

26. Robert Maxwell

27. Battle Of Bosworth Field

28. Boot-Legged Whiskey

29. William Wallace

30. 1666


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