War and Battles Quiz 4

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1. What was the nationality of Mata Hari, the dancer who was shot as a spy?

2. In which year did the USA enter the First World War?

3. Which new British Military Force were established in 1918 and still exist today?

4. The German attack on which country caused Britain to enter the second world war?

5. Which German word mean ?lightening war? entered the English language?

6. What was the nickname of anti-British broadcaster William Joyce?

7. What was the German air-force called?

8. Which US band leader went missing over the channel in 1944?

9. What scantily clad female had a daily strip in the Daily Mirror?

10. In which French city did Germany surrender in World War II?

11. At which battle in 1916 were there said to be a million fatalities?

12. In which month in 1914 did the First World War begin?

13. According to the World War II poster what did 'Careless Talk' do?

14. What is the English meaning of the phrase Blitzkrieg?

15. Which new British military force was established in 1918?

16. In which year did the United States enter the First World War?

17. What was the 1914-18 war known as until 1939?

18. What date was D Day?

19. The Battle of St Albans of 1455 marked the start of which war?

20. What was the name of the Argentine cruiser sunk off the Falklands in May 82?

21. During which short war/conflict did the Battle of Goose Green take place?


1. Dutch

2. 1917

3. RAF

4. Poland

5. Blitz Krieg

6. Lord Haw Haw

7. Luftwafee

8. Glen Miller

9. Jane

10. Reims

11. Somme

12. August

13. Costs Lives

14. Lightning War

15. RAF

16. 1917

17. The Great War

18. 6th June 1944

19. Wars of the Roses

20. General Belgrano

21. The Falklands Conflict


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