Waynes History Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Wayne in Spain, thanks again Wayne!

History1. Whose famous last words were reputedly: ?let not poor Nellie starve??

2. Who was the last king of Egypt?

3. Which war lasted sixteen years longer than its name implies?

4. In 2003 George W Bush became the second us president to visit Auschwitz, but who was the first?

5. Who in 2003 became leader of the British conservative party?

6. Who retained his world heavyweight title in 1947 after a controversial split-decision points victory over jersey Joe Walcott?

7. Who was the first woman to hold a seat in the British parliament?

8. A hussar was a light cavalryman from which country?

9. Who won an academy award for best actor in one flew over the cuckoo?s nest?

10. Macbeth claimed his kingdom by murdering which Scottish king in 1040?


1. King Charles II

2. Farouk

3. The hundred year?s war

4. Gerald Ford

5. Michael Howard

6. Joe Louis

7. Lady Nancy Astor

8. Hungary

9. Jack Nicholson (what a great actor)

10. Duncan


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