Irish History Quiz 2

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History1. In what year did the Irish Civil War break out?

2. The statues of Fidelity, Mercury and Hibernian top which building in Dublin?

3. Michael Collins was killed in an ambush between Bandon and where?

4. Which British PM (initials W.E.) supported Home Rule?

5. Where is he buried?

6. What marks the spot where he died?

7. In what year was the Easter Rising?

8. In what month was it?

9. Who travelled on 'coffin ships'?

10. Where did Michael Collins fight during the Rising?

11. What was the IRB?

12. Was Catholic emancipation seen in the former or latter half of the 19th century?

13. Who became leader of the Home Rule Party after Isaac Butt in 1879?

14. In 1691, at the siege of Limerick who led the Irish forces?

15. What population count took place in 1851, 1861 and 1871?

16. Which Cumann na Gael Cabinet Minister was assassinated on July 1927?

17. When was Douglas Hyde elected as Ireland's first President?

18. The freedom of Cork City in November 1998 for his role in the Irish Peace Process was awarded to whom?

19. Was Gaelic or English the main language in Ireland in the 19th Century?

20. The English Pale surrounded which city?

21. The Irish Brigade fought for Franco in which war?

22. In which Italian City did Daniel O'Connell die?

23. Where would you find the historical site of Newgrange?

24. In which century was the Battle of the Boyne?

25. The Titanic was built at which Irish shipyard?

26. What was the first name of the 18th century politician Grattan?


1. 1922

2. The GPO, O'Connell Street

3. Macroom

4. Gladstone

5. Prospect Cemetary

6. A Stone cross

7. 1916

8. April

9. Emigrants

10. The General Post Office

11. Irish Republican Brotherhood

12. Former

13. Charles Stewart Parnell

14. Patrick Sarsfield

15. Census

16. Kevin O'Higgins

17. 1938

18. George Mitchell

19. English

20. Dublin

21. Spanish Civil War

22. Genoa

23. County Meath

24. 17th

25. Harland & Wolff

26. Henry


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