Kings Quiz 1

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1. For which title role did actor Ben Kingsley win an Oscar in 1982?

2. Who was awarded the 1964 Nobel peace prize for his work as leader of the civil rights movement?

3. Of which country was the king ruler in the musical the king and I?

4. Which king gave his name to a small active long eared dog?

5. Who had a hit in 1962 with the song it might as well rain until September?

6. Of which marine creature is the king variety smaller than the emperor variety?

7. Which song by Elton John was dedicated to Billie Jean King?

8. Which European aquatic bird has a short tail, large head, sharp bill and an iridescent blue-green plumage?

9. Which island did King Kong live on?

10. Who had a hit in the 1980s with Kings of the Wild Frontier?


1. Ghandi

2. Martin Luther King

3. Siam

4. King Charles

5. Carole King

6. Penguin

7. Philadelphia Freedom

8. Kingfisher

9. Skull island

10. Adam & the Ants


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