1970s Quiz 2

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1. In 1979 who was revealed to be the fourth Russian spy in the Burgess, MacLean and Philby affair?

2. Which band had a 1977 summer No 1 hit with ?So You Win Again??

3. Which silent film star was awarded a Knighthood in 1975?

4. Released in 1978 what were the names of the two gangs which John Travolta and Olivia Newton John belonged to in the movie ?Grease??

5. In 1974 who was sacked from his position of England football manager?

6. Which war drama was first seen on British Television in October 1972?

7. Which song was a UK chart hit for ?The Goodies? in 1975?

8. What was the name of the paperboy whose 1978 murder sparked a massive manhunt by British police?

9. What year was the great drought in Britain?

10. Which famous Arab / Israeli war took place in 1973?

11. Who was the instigator of the breakaway World Series cricket in 1977?

12. Which bank holiday was first celebrated in Britain in 1978?

13. In 1979, Jeremy Thorpe was found not guilty of plotting to murder whom?

14. In 1976 which computer company was set up by Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, marketing the first open system machine in 1977?

15. Which new country was formed in 1971 at the end of the Pakistan / India conflict?

16. Which actor, an archdeacon in the TV series all gas & gaiters died in January 1979?

17. In which city did the Duke of Windsor die in 1972?

18. Which famous Giant Panda died at London Zoo in 1972?

19. Why did Richard John Bingham make the news in the 1970s?

20. Don Mintoff became which countries first Prime Minister after it became a republic in 1974?


1. Anthony Blunt

2. Hot Chocolate

3. Charlie Chaplin

4. The T-Birds and The Pink Ladies

5. Alf Ramsey

6. Colditz

7. The Funky Gibbon

8. Carl Bridgewater

9. 1976

10. Yom Kippur war

11. Kerry Packer

12. 1st May

13. Norman Scott

14. Apple

15. Bangladesh

16. Robertson Hare

17. Paris

18. Chi Chi

19. Lord Lucan

20. Malta


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