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History1. Name 5 of the 7 wonders of the ancient world?

2. What did the island of Elba in 1814 and the island of St. Helena in 1815 have in common?

3. What was the nickname of the Duke of Cumberland after his treatment of the clans in 1746?

4. In what year was Mount Everest first climbed?

5. What is significant about the green expanse of land called Runneymede in Surrey?

6. It was double headed in Austria and Russia and single headed in Germany. What was it?

7. In what year was the great fire of London?

8. What do the naval bases at ?the Nore? in 1797 and Invergorden in 1931 have in common?

9. What nationality was Adolph Hitler?

10. What famous meeting took place at Ujiji in 1871?  

11. In which year of the 1960s did Britain abolish the death penalty?

12. Who was the first Prime Minister to occupy Chequers?

13. On which British island was the first Boy Scout camp held in 1907?

14. During the reign of which monarch did the British Empire become the British Commonwealth?

15. During which battle of the Crimean War did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?

16. Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was at Olympia?

17. Thomas Lineker was responsible for the founding of which Royal College in 1518?

18. What event took place in Britain the day after Everest was conquered?

19. Whose report led to savage railway cuts in Britain in the 1960s?

20. What was Britain's first pirate radio station?


1. Colossus of Rhodes, 
    Hanging gardens of Babylon, 
    Pharo?s Lighthouse at Alexandria, 
    Temple of Diana at Ephesus, 
    Statue of Jupiter at Olympus, 
    Pyramids of Egypt, 
    Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

2. Napolean imprisoned

3. Butcher

4. 1953

5. Magna Carta signed here

6. An heraldic eagle

7. 1666

8. Naval mutinies

9. Austrian

10. Meeting of Stanley and Livingstone

11. 1965

12. David Lloyd George

13. Brownsea Island, Dorset

14. George VI

15. Battle Of Balaclava

16. The Statue Of Zeus

17. Royal College Of Physicians

18. Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth Ii

19. Dr Beeching

20. Radio Caroline


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