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Music Quiz Questions1. Music stems from the Greek word mousike, which itself is the name for a talented group we know as, the what ?

2. What is expected of the musicians in John Cage's piece titled 4' 33" ?

3. Which animal was the symbol for the raids carried out by the revolutionary Pancho Villa and his followers ?

4. The following are the first words in English to which worldly song ?   
    "Arise, you prisoners of starvation"

5. Literally, the first lady of music. Two words

6. Who composed the music and wrote the sophisticated suave lyrics for such classic songs as 'I get a kick out of you' , 'Night and day' and 'Lets do it' ?

7. The following words are from which tear jerker ?  
    "and kneel and say an Ave where I lie"

8. The music for which heartbreaking hit song from 1975 about living alone was composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff ?

9. Name the Blues style that first emerged from the southern Mississippi river area around 1910.

10. Who released the following 'edible' albums ?  
    a. Eat a peach  
    b. Milk and Kisses  
    c. Hard Candy  
    d. Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy  
    e. Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be  
    f. Lumpy Gravy


Download Music Quiz1. Muses

2. Nothing. Or rather, 4 min. 33 sec of the nothing.

3. La Cucaracha,  La Cucaracha (cockroach)

4. Internationale

5. Prima donna

6. Cole Porter

7. Danny Boy

8. All by myself

9. Delta Blues

10. Six Answers:
    a. Allman Brothers Band  
    b. Cocteau Twins  
    c. Counting Crows or Madonna
    d. The Who  
    e. Sweet  
    f. Frank Zappa


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