Pauls Music Quiz 6

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In which songs would you find the following people ?  

Music Quiz Questions1. Lenin (read a book on Marx)  

2. me and Susie  

3. Steve (walks warily down the street)  

4. Harry (keep the change)  

5. Mister Jones (do you know what it's like on the outside)  

6. Al Capone (tried to make that town his own)  

7. me and little Tommy  

8. Mister Churchill's ear

9. Sailor Sam  

10. Candy and Ronnie  

11. Uncle Ray  

12. Johnny (and it might be a sin, but I'll take your bet)  

13. Terry meets Julie  

14. Mister Hughes (hid in Dylan's shoes)  

15. ole Neil  

16. oh, Henry (get off the phone)

17. Candy (came from out on the island)  

18. President Nixon (do you remember)  

19. like Peter Lorre  (contemplating a crime)  

20. Hey Cinderella (step in to your shoe)  

21. Way-Out Willie  

22. Billy (rapped all night about his suicide)


Download Music Quiz1. American Pie  

2. Crocodile Rock  

3. Another one bites the dust  

4. Taxi  

5. New York Mining Disaster 1941  

6. The night Chicago died  

7. Dont cry Daddy  

8. Oliver's Army

9. Band on the run  

10. Bennie and the Jets  

11. Clair  

12. The devil went down to Georgia  

13. Waterloo Sunset  

14. Garden Party  

15. Sweet home Alabama  

16. Suffragette City  

17. Take a walk on the wild side  

18. Young Americans  

19. Year of the cat

20. Get outta my dreams, get into my car  

21. Willie and the hand jive  

22. All the young dudes


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