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Music Quiz Questions1. Which role or character did David Bowie and John Hurt both play in the 80's ?

2. Which Beatle spent nine days in a Tokyo prison in January 1980?

3. The drummer Rick Allen lost an arm in a motorway accident on New Years Eve 1984. In which group did he perform, before and after the accident?

4. What was the first group to be unplugged on MTV on the 13th of May, 1989?  
    a. Wings  
    b. Squeeze  
    c. Crowded House  
    d. Mike and the Mechanics

5. Which quartet sang the Grammy award winning song from 1986, "That's what friends are for"?

6. Which band's first four albums were back in the US charts in 1986, 20 years after they were first released?

7. Name the number one single in the 1980s from each of the following artists with a number in the title. (Words like 'someone' or 'no one' don't count)     they were either no. 1 in the USA or the UK.
    a. The Captain and Tennille  
    b. Pink Floyd  
    c. Dolly Parton  
    d. Sheena Easton  
    e. Goombay Dance Band  
    f. Adam Ant  
    g. Phil Collins (2 songs) 
    h. Whitney Houston  
    i. George Michael  
    j. Paul Hardcastle  
    k. Nena  
    l. Frankie goes to Hollywood  
    m. Michael Jackson 
    n. Milli Vanilli

8. For the first time ever on the 19th of April 1980 there were five women topping the Billboard country hit parade. Can you name three ?

9. Which Paul McCartney album was first released exclusively in the Soviet Union or CCCP in January 1989 ?

10. RCA records, which was owned by General Electric at the time, fired which 'country boy' superstar after his recording of the song 'Let us begin (What are we making weapons for)' ?


Download Music Quiz1.The Elephant Man (Bowie on Broadway, Hurt in film)

2. Paul

3. Def Leppard

4. c. Crowded House (Crowded House with Tim Finn 13. 5. 89,  Squeeze 26. 11. 89)

5. Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder

6. Monkees

7. Fourteen Answers
    a. Do that to me one more time  
    b. Another brick in the wall (Part II) 
    c. 9 to 5  
    d. Morning train (9 to 5)  
    e. Seven tears  
    f. Goody two shoes  
    g. Two hearts  and  One more night  
    h. One moment in time  
    i. One more try 
    j. 19  
    k. 99 red balloons  
    l. Two tribes  
    m. One day in your life 
    n. Baby dont forget my 'number'

8. Five Answers:
    1. Crystal Gayle  
    2. Dottie West  
    3. Debbie Boone  
    4. Emmylou Harris  
    5. Tammy Wynette (George Jones)

9. Back in the USSR or The Russian Album (Choba B CCCP)

10. John Denver


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