Music Quiz 4

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1. Who was the lead singer with The Jam & The Style Council?

2. How many UK number 1 UK singles did the Who have?

3. What country do Ace of Base come from?

4. What was Spandau Ballet?s only UK No.1 in 1983?

5. What are the surnames of Robson and Jerome?

6. Name either of the 2 acts that featured Jimmy Sommerville?

7. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are the 2 members of which group?

8. On which record label do Blur record?

9. Marc Almond was the lead singer with which group?

10. In what year was the first Live aid concert?  


1. Paul Weller

2. None

3. Sweden

4. True

5. Green & Flynn

6. Bronski Beat & The Communards

7. Eurythmics

8. Food

9. Soft Cell

10. 1985

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