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Music Quiz Questions1. Which two songs with a colour in the title have won the Academy Award for best original song ?

2. Which 1975 US concept album was about a fugitive preacher ?

3. The following words are from which songs ?  
    a. and show you the colours that are real  
    b. to rest my eyes in shades of green  
    c. and in a dark brown voice she said  
    d. black white green red can I take my friend to bed  
    e. see Mrs. Grey she's proud today because her roses are in bloom

4. Which two colours are mentioned in the song 'Stairway to Heaven' ?

5. With one word complete the following Moody Blues album titles  
    a. Go  
    b. Days of future  
    c. In search of the lost  
    d. On the threshold of a  
    e. A question of  
    f. Every good boy deserves

6. For which film did Old Blue eyes recieve his Oscar for best supporting actor ?

7. The band 3 Dog Night had three number one hits in the USA. Which one had colours in the title ?

8. What is singer Pink's real name ?

9. 'Cracklin Rosie' excluded, Neil Diamond had four top 20 hits with a colour in the title. Name them.

10. The Rolling Stones,    "The Greatest Rock n Roll Band in the World" have released albums now for over 40 years. On those albums there were 15  songs with a colour in the title.. Name as many as you can !     ('Blues' counts as a colour)


Download Music Quiz1. White Christmas and Evergreen (Love theme for A Star is Born)

2. The Red Headed Stranger  (Willie Nelson)

3. Five Answers:
    a. Spinning Wheel (Blood Sweat and Tears) 
    b. Itchycoo Park (Small Faces)  
    c. Lola (Kinks)  
    d. All Together Now (Beatles) 
    e. Pleasant Valley Sunday (Monkees)

4. Gold (all that glitters is gold) and white (there walks a lady we all know who shines white light)

5. Six Answers
    a. now  
    b. passed  
    c. chord  
    d. dream  
    e. balance  
    f. favour

6. From here to eternity

7. Black and White

8. Alecia Moore

9. Four Answers
    Song Sung Blue, 
    Red Red Wine, 
    Cherry Cherry and 
    Forever in Blue Jeans

10. Fifteen  Answers
    Blue turns to grey, 
    Paint it Black, 
    Stray Cat Blues, 
    You got the silver, 
    Brown sugar, 
    I got the blues, 
    Sweet black angel, 
    Ventilator blues, 
    Silver train, 
    Cherry Oh Baby, 
    Little red rooster, 
    Black limousine, 
    Fancy man blues
    Black Betty and Ruby Tuesday


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