Sailing Quiz 1

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1. What famous explorer is associated with a ship called the ?Beagle??

2. What is a ship?s or boat?s diary called?

3. What type of boat has twin hulls?

4. The word ?POSH? was an abbreviation for cabin bookings made by wealthy passengers on ships going to the east. What does the acronym mean?

5. What fictional vessel did Captain Nemo command?

6. In the 60's, who took a ferry across the Mersey?

7. Name the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta of 1878, about navy life?

8. What is the name of Captain Pugwash?s Ship?

9. What vessel did Shirley Temple sing about the in the 1934 film ?Bright Eyes??

10. In which European city might you travel in a gondola?  

11. Which millionaire built The Spruce Goose flying boat?


1. Charles Darwin.

2. A Log.

3. Catamaran.

4. Port Out - Starboard Home

5. Nautilus.

6. Gerry and the Pacemakers.

7. HMS Pinafore.

8. The Black Pig.

9. Good Ship Lollipop

10. Venice

11. Howard Hughes


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