Hobbies, Games and Pastimes Quiz 2

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1. What do opposite sides on a die total?

2. Which playing card is referred to as the Black lady?

3. When can a player of chess move two pieces at the same time?

4. For what are Tarot cards used?

5. In scrabble, how many additional points are awarded if all 7 letters are played in one turn?

6. How many men has each player in a game of Backgammon?

7. In the game of Beetle specially prepared dice are used with letters on them. What are these letters?

8. What is the game of Chinese origin, resembling domino's played with small tiles?

9. What is the national game of the people of the Basque country in France?

10. Court cards on British playing cards are costumed as of the time of which monarch?

11. In bridge, what jargon word is used to describe the condition of holding no trumps?

12. Describe the game of skill colloquially known as "ducks and Drakes"?

13. Which popular card game is also known as 21 or Blackjack?

14. How many playing pieces are there in a set of dominoes?

15. African dominoes is another name for what?

16. Name the two traditional murder weapons in Cluedo?

17. How many triple word scores are there on a scrabble board?

18. How many Jacks' eyes are visible in a deck of cards?

19. What did a Hungarian teacher of 3D design in the late 70s?

20. How does a castle or rook move in a game of chess?  

21. How many cards are needed for Canasta?

22. How many tricks are there in a Grand Slam in Bridge?

23. How much do you get for passing go in Monopoly?

24. Where would you find the Fool, the Juggler, the Female Pope and the Hanged Man?

25. From which country did the card game of Bridge originate?

26. What is the name of the game that resembles billiards and is played with numbered cups instead of pockets?

27. What is the highest hand in Poker?

28. Derived from a Turkish word meaning Towel, what is the craft that comprises knotting threads and cords to create works of art?

29. How many squares are there on a chessboard?

30. What number is traditionally "Top of the House" in Bingo?  


1. 7

2. The Queen of Spades

3. Castling

4. Telling fortunes

5. 50

6. 15

7. BHLEFT (Each letter representing a part of the Beetle)

8. Mah-jong

9. Pelota

10. Henry VII and Henry VIII

11. Chicane

12. Throwing stones on a pond

13. Pontoon

14. 36

15. Dice

16. Dagger and Gun

17. 8

18. 12

19. Rubik's cube

20. In a straight line

21. 108 (2 packs plus 4 jokers)

22. 13

23. ?200

24. In a pack of tarot cards

25. Turkey

26. Bagatelle

27. Royal Flush

28. Macram?

29. 64

30. 90


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