Transport Quiz 1

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1. Where in the World does the largest car and Passenger ferry operate?

2. Track 29 at Pennsylvania Station was the point of departure of which famous train?

3. Who made the 1st Atlantic crossing in a hot air balloon in 1987?

4. Which Country opened its first Underground Railway in 1904?

5. What was invented by Kirkpatrick MacMillan a Scot in about 1840?

6. In which shop were the first escalators installed in the UK in 1898?

7. What was the name of the first Nuclear Powered Submarine launched by the USS in 1955?

8. What type of boat has underwater wings that develop lift in the Water?

9. The RENFE is the name of the railway in which European country?

10. In which city is Fiat based  


1. Between Stockholm in Sweden and Helsinki in Finland.

2. Chattanooga Choo Choo

3. Richard Branson

4. USA

5. The First Pedal Bicycle

6. Harrods

7. Nautilus

8. Hydrofoil

9. Spain

10. Turin


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