Airborne Quiz 1

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1. Who were the first men to fly a mechanically powered aircraft?

2. Which two airlines used Concorde?

3. What did BEA stand for?

4. Who was the first man to fly the English Channel?

5. Who were ?The Few? praised by Winston Churchill in 1940?

6. What was Charles Lindburgh?s plane called?

7. Who manufactured the world?s first commercial jet Comet?

8. In which country are Saab aircraft manufactured?

9. Where would you be if you called The Flying Doctor?

10. Who fell into the sea when the wax in his wings melted?  


1. Orville and Wilbur Wright

2. British Airways and Air France

3. British European Airways

4. Louis Bleriot

5. British Pilots of the Battle of Britain

6. The Spirit of Saint Louis

7. De Havilland

8. Swedan

9. Australia

10. Icarus  


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