Green Fingers Quiz 1

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1. Which garden plant provides the drug digitalis?

2. What can be cabbage, tea or moss?

3. Montana and Nelly Moser are what variety of plant?

4. Box or Yew clipped into shapes is called what?

5. The herb wormwood is used to flavour which liquer banned in France?

6. What?s missing ?Never cast a clout till what is out??

7. What plant was originally known as the love apple?

8. Cara and King Edward are varieties of what?

9. In which country did Tulips originate?

10. What is the flowering houseplant Impatiens Walleriana?  

11. What is the name of the protective outer layer of trees?

12. What is the green pigment used by plants to trap sunlight?

13. Which acid is produced in large quantities by lemon trees?

14. Which gas do plants need for photosynthesis?

15. What name is given to the microscopic plants found in great numbers in rivers lakes and oceans?

16. What name is given to plants which do not drop their leaves in winter?

17. In the bible who tasted the forbidden fruit?

18. Which plant has flowers but no proper leaves?

19. Which European tree lives the longest?

20. Socrates was poisoned by a potion made from which plant?


1. Foxglove

2. Roses

3. Clematis

4. Topiary

5. Absinthe

6. May

7. The Tomato

8. Potatoes

9. Turkey

10. Busy Lizzie

11. Bark

12. Chlorophyll

13. Citric Acid

14. Carbon Dioxide

15. Algae

16. Evergreen

17. Adam

18. Cactus

19. Yew

20. Hemlock


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