Multiple Choice Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions have more than one possible answer listed, simply provide the correct answer

1. What do the Danish call Danish pastries:
    a. Danish pastries 
    b. Viennese bread or
    c. Alsatian cakes?

2. The German word kummerspeck, meaning weight gained through comfort eating, literally means what:
   a. Cream guzzling 
   b. Grief bacon or
   c. Disappointment candy?

3. A swede is: 
    a. A cross between a cabbage and a turnip 
    b. A cross between a parsnip and a beetroot or
    c. A cross between fennel and carrots.

4. Which of these was once the national drink of Scotland? 
    a. Claret 
    b. Amaretto or 
    c. Vodka

5. Which of the following was a predecessor of the Milky Way bar:
    a. Fat Emma
    b. Lardy Larry or
    c. Penny Plump ?

6. According to the International Cloud Atlas, which of these is the highest?
    a. Cloud nine
    b. Cloud zero or
    c. Fog?

7. Which is the deepest loch in Scotland:
    a. Loch Lomand
    b. Loch Ness or
    c. Loch Morar?

8. What was the first of Earth's supercontinents:
    a. Pangaea
    b. Gondwanaland or
    c. Rodinia?

9. In which country was the Can-Can invented
    a. France
    b. UK or
    c. Canada?

10. The word "absinthe" comes from the Greek apsinthion, meaning what:
    a. Green Monster 
    b. Vomiting or 
    c. Undrinkable?


1. b. Viennese bread 

2. b: Grief bacon

3. a: A cross between a cabbage and a turnip

4. a. Claret

5. a: Fat Emma

6. b: Cloud zero

7. c. Loch Morar

8. c. Rodinia

9. a: France

10. c: Undrinkable


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