Name the Year Quiz 2

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Mystery Year QuizIn which year did the following pairs of events take place (+/- 2 years)? 

1. Winston Churchill dies and Britain abolishes the death penalty for murder

2. Japanese forces invade China capturing Shanghai and Beijing. German planes bomb Guernica in Spain

3. The Stockton-Darlington railway opens becoming the first line to carry passengers. Bolivia gains its independence

4. Ceylon becomes Sri Lanka, Britain joins the EEC

5. Indira Gandhi assassinated, toxic gas kills thousands in Bhopal

6. Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly the Atlantic, Fleming discovers penicillin

7. Mary Rose raised and Falkland war begins

8. Great fire of London and Newton discovers law of gravitation

9. Death of Lenin, first Labour government comes to power in Great Britain

10. Outbreak of civil war in Spain, Edward VIII abdicates


1. 1965

2. 1937

3. 1825

4. 1972

5. 1984

6. 1928

7. 1982

8. 1666

9. 1924

10. 1936


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