Money Quiz 3

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1. On what colour paper is the Financial times printed?

2. Which stock market has the Hang Seng Index?

3. On which current British coin would you find the Prince of Wales feathers?

4. In which thoroughfare is the Bank of England situated?

5. What position has been held by L.K. O? Brian, D.H.F. Somerset and G.M. Gill?

6. What does the acronym M.I.R.A.S. stand for?

7. Which weighs the most : 500 one pence coins or 250 two pence coins?

8. What is the name of the man who allegedly broke the bank at Barings?

9. In which city is Italy?s main stock exchange?

10. hat does the acronym PEP stand for?


1. Pink

2. Hong Kong

3. 2 pence

4. Threadneedle Street

5. Chief Cashier of the Bank of England

6. Mortgage Interest Relief At Source

7. They weigh the same

8. Nick Leeson

9. Milan

10. Personal Equity Plan


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