One to Ten Quiz 3

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1. Which number code system is based on the digits 1 and 0?

2. Who was the American U-2 pilot shot down over the USSR in 1960?

3. Who wrote The Three Sisters?

4. How many gold medals in total did Carl Lewis win in the Olympic games of 1984 and 1988?

5. A pilgrimage to which city is stipulated in the five pillars of Islam?

6. Which King introduced the six articles act to settle disputes over dogma in the English church?

7. Which of the 7 deadly sins begins with the letter g?

8. Who commanded the 8th army at the Second Battle of El Alamein?

9. Who were the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who inspired the creative arts?

10. On how many tablets of stone were the Ten Commandments engraved?


1. Binary System

2. Gary Powers

3. Anton Chekhov

4. Seven

5. Mecca

6. Henry VIII

7. Gluttony

8. Field Marshall Montgomery

9. The Muses

10. On two tablets


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