Going for Gold Quiz 1

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1. Which town in Australia was the site of one of the earliest gold strikes, and has subsequently had a beer named after it?

2. What name is given to the system under which a country's currency is exchangeable for a fixed weight of gold on demand at the central bank?Britain abandoned this system in 1931.

3. Who took a song called 'Band of Gold' to number one of the UK charts in 1970?

4. Whose traditional sign consists of three gold balls?

5. In the 1933 film 'I'm No Angel' which Hollywood actress says "A gold rush is what happens when a line of chorus girls spot a man with a bank roll"?

6. The Golden Gate, in California, links the Pacific Ocean with which bay?

7. Which golden creature was an image worshipped by the Israelites when they had lost faith in the leadership of Moses?

8. On D-day, five beaches were selected as the landing points for the Allied forces? 'Gold' was the name of one of them. Name two of the other four?

9. What general name is given to any of various yellow or gold-coloured minerals which can be mistaken for gold?

10. Following a delivery, which golden bird can result in a man spending a lot of time inside a pavilion?


1. Castlemaine

2. Gold Standard

3. Freda Payne

4. Pawnbroker

5. Mae West

6. San Francisco

7. Golden Calf

8. Utah, Omaha, Juno, and Sword

9. Fool's gold

10. Duck


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