Exploration and Discovery Quiz 1

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1. Who was the Italian merchant explorer whose name was given to the Continent of America?

2. Which great Victorian traveller was the first west to penetrate the holy Muslim city of Mecca and the first white man to sail down the Amazon?

3. Francis Chichester rounded Cape Horn in 1967 during a single-handed voyage around the world. What was the name of the second Englishman who also rounded the Cape alone in his yacht Lively Lady?

4. Who was the US Space Shuttle captain of Challenger who in 1984 became the first astronaut to 'walk' in space without a safety line?

5. Who led the first exploration team to reach the South Pole and what was his nationality?

6. What did the British explorers John Speke and James Grant discover in 1862 which resolved a centuries old mystery?

7. What was the nationality of the explorer Mungo Park who pioneered exploration of the River Niger?

8. What is the name of the United States' project for manned exploration of the moon?

9. Who was the Frenchman who discovered the St Lawrence River?

10. Which Scottish explorer discovered the course of the Zambezi, the Victoria Falls and Lake Nyasa?

11. In which year did Julius Caesar first visit Britain?

12. Who led the second expedition to reach the North Pole?

13. Who said ?Dr Livingstone , I presume ??

14. Where was Napolean exiled after his defeat at Waterloo?

15. Who was often referred to as ?Scourge of God??

16. Who first sailed around the Cape of Good Hope to India?

17. What phrase was used to describe the German empire under Hitler?

18. What is the Spanish word for ?Conqueror??

19. What new name did Francis Drake give his ship The Pelican during his circumnavigation of the world?

20. Which Venetian explorer served the emperor Kublai Khan?


1. Amerigo Vespucci

2. Sir Richard Burton

3. Alec Rose

4. Captain Bruce Macandless

5. Roald Amundsson (Norwegian)

6. Lake Victoria - the source of the River Nile

7. Scottish

8. Apollo program

9. Jacques Cartier

10. David Livingstone

11. 55 BC

12. Roald Amundsen

13. Henry Stanley

14. St Helena

15. Atilla The Hun

16. Vasco De Gamma

17. Third Reich

18. Conquistador

19. Golden Hind

20. Marco Polo


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