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1. The first romantic idol of the silver screen was Rudolph Valentino. In which country was he born?

2. What was legendary lover Casonova's christian name?

3. What was the name of the daughter borne to Lady  Emma Hamilton and Horatio Nelson?

4. Nell Gwyn was the celebrated mistress of which King of England?

5. Did St.Valentine, the Patron Saint of Lovers, who was originally a Roman priest and martyr, die in the year 269 B.C. or 269 A.D.?

6. During the making of which film did Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fall in love?

7. Which famous novel, completed in 1928, is set in Wragby Hall, in the Midlands?

8. In December of which year did King Edward VIII abdicate, in order to marry the divorcee Mrs Wallis Simpson?

9. In Shakespeare's 'Romeo & Juliet', how do the two lovers die?

10. Whitney Houston had a top 10 in 1988 with 'The Greatest Love Of All'. Who had the original hit with that song in 1977?

11. Edward VIII gave up the throne to marry whom?

12. Who did Grace Kelly marry in 1956?

13. Who was Napoleons lover?

14. Who did JFK's widow marry in 1968?

15. Who is the patron saint of lovers?

16. Which baseball player married Marilyn Monroe in 1954?

17. Nell Gwyn won which kings heart?

18. Who was regarded as the greatest lover of all time and his name has passed into the language as such?

19. Which group of people said make love not war?

20. Who was Andrew Lloyd Webbers 2nd wife?


1. Italy

2. Giovanni Giocomo

3. Horatia

4. Charles II

5. AD

6. Cleopatra

7. Lady Chatterly's Lover

8. 1936

9. Romeo poison's himself. Juliet stabs herself.

10. George Benson

11. Wallis Simpson

12. Prince Rainer of Monaco

13. Josephine

14. Aristotle Onassis

15. St Valentine

16. Joe Dimaggio

17. Charles II

18. Casanova

19. Hippys

20. Sarah Brightman


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