Travel Quiz 1

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1. Which country has Anas Vaduz as it's capital?

2. Which city would you visit to see Gaudi's fantastical architecture?

3. Into which sea does the river Volga flow?

4. What is the unit of currency of Poland?

5. By what name is the former country of South West Africa now known?

6. Which luxury liner made her final voyage to Long Beach, California, whe she was made into a civic centre?

7. The Sahara Desert extends into how many countries 5, 10 or 13?

8. Which group of travellers set out from the Tabard Inn?

9. In which river would you find the Ile de la Cite and the Ile Saint-Louis?

10. Ship's captains are empowered to conduct two religious rites - name them?

11. Name the famous sailing vessel of the following travellers

    a. Christopher Columbus

    b. Jacques Cousteau

    c. Popeye

    d. Horatio Nelson

    e. Blackbeard

    f. Captain James Cook

    g. Captain Pugwash

    h. Pilgrim Fathers

    i. Charles Darwin

    j. Pinky & Perky


1. Lichtenstein

2. Barcelona

3. The Caspian

4. Zloty

5. Namibia

6. The Queen Mary

7. Ten

8. The Pilgrims In The Canterbury Tales

9. The Seine (In Paris)

10. Burials & Baptisms (Not Marriages, That Is A Myth)

11. Ten Answers:

    a. Santa Maria

    b. Calypso

    c. The Olive

    d. HMS Victory

    e. Queen Anne?s Revenge

    f. Endurance

    g. The Black Pig

    h. The Mayflower

    i. HMS Beagle

    j. SS Melody Maker  


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