Employment Quiz 1

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1. What was the occupation of the seven dwarfs?

2. What 80?s TV characters catchphrase was ?gizza job??

3. What newspaper did superman work for?

4. What was the original profession of gunslinger Doc Holliday?

5. What work did the electronic game character Super Mario do?

6. What was the former occupation of shot-putter Geoff Capes?

7. What job links peter the great with Billy Connoly?

8. In theTV series ?only fool?s and horse?s? what is the occupation of trigger?

9. What job did Chris Tarrent do before his television career started?

10. Lech Walessa worked in the Lenin shipyards in Gdansk as what?


1. Miners

2. Yozza Hughes

3. Daily Planet

4. Dentist

5. Plumber

6. Policeman

7. Shipyard Worker

8. Roadsweeper

9. School Teacher

10. Electrician


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