Hairy Quiz 1

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1. Which brown hairy fruit takes its name from a flightless bird?

2. Which Tibetan endangered species of cattle stands about 2 m/6 ft at the shoulder and has long shaggy hair on the underparts?

3. What name is given to a small pointed or tufted beard on a man's chin?

4. What was it about Samson's hair that gave him his strength?

5. Which English hairdresser created many new hairstyles, including the shape 1959, a layered cut tailored to the bone structure?

6. Who has the darkest hair, an ash blonde, platinum blonde or strawberry blonde?

7. What hairy plant that grows in marshes, has a root that contains a sweet gumlike substance sometimes used in confectionery?

8. According to PG Woodhouse, a Frenchman invented the only cure for grey hair? What was the invention?

9. What sort of hair is said to be a cure for a hangover?

10. What hairstyle was popular among Teddy Boys in the 1950s and early 60s?  


1. Kiwi

2. Yak

3. Goatee

4. The length

5. Vidal Sassoon

6. Strawberry Blonde

7. Marshmallow

8. Guillotine

9. Hair of the dog

10. Duck's Arse


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