Weather Forecast Quiz 1

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1. In Which Billy Wilder comedy do jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis play jazz musicians and appear in drag?

2. From which film did the song ?raindrops keep falling on my head? come?

3. What appeared in the times newspaper for the first time in September 1860?

4. On the ?Beaufort scale? What wind category is force twelve?

5. What name is given to the belt of low air pressure that is located at the equator?

6. What non-mechanical device is normally used to indicate ?wind direction??

7. In Which town will you find the ?meteorological office??

8. What TV series would you see a Rolls Royce with the registration fab 1?

9. Which ?v? describes the centre of a hurricane?

10. Graham Clarke, Tom Cunningham & Neil Mitchell are three members of which group?  


1. Some like it hot.

2. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

3. The first weather forecast.

4. Hurricane force

5. Doldrums

6. Weather vane or wind sock.

7. Bracknell in Berkshire. (see coment below)

8. Thunderbirds.

9. Vortex.

10. Wet wet wet.


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