Shapes Quiz 1

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1. How many circles appear on the Olympic flag?

2. What colour is the circle line on the London Underground?

3. Which comedian was the star of the television series It?s A Square World?

4. What length is the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle when the 2 sides are 3cm or 4cm each?

5. Whose book the shape of things to come was first published in 1933?

6. How many faces has a dodecahedron?

7. In which city would you find the Pentagon?

8. What shape is a lateen sail?

9. What does the acronym S.H.A.P.E. stand for?

10. In which London square would you find statues of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Jan Smuts?  


1. 5

2. Yellow

3. Michael Bentine

4. 5 cm

5. HG Wells

6. 12

7. Washington DC

8. Triangular

9. Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

10. Parliament Square


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