Clothing Quiz 1

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1. It can be worn round the waist by both sexes, but generally by men with evening dress. What is it?

2. What is the shoemakers model of the human foot called?

3. Which small American country has one of the worlds largest merchant shipping fleets?

4. Which French singer is associated with a straw hat, a bow tie and a song called Gigi?

5. Which Coronation Street character was shot dead by armed raiders at Mike Baldwins jeans factory in 1978?

6. What name is given to the larval form of the cranefly?

7. What famous work of art is an anagram of No hat, a smile?

8. For whom in society were boots with pockets invented and patented?

9. Where was the British HQ in the Crimean War, made famous by Tennyson?  

10. Which mark denoting that an item is government property was formerly on convicts' clothing?


1. Cummerbund.

2. A last

3. Panama. (Hat)

4. Maurice Chevelier.

5. Ernie Bishop.

6. Leather jacket.

7. The Mona Lisa.

8. Nudists.

9. Balaklava.

10. Arrow


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