Story Time Quiz 1

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1. If you were handed a ?penny dreadful?, what would you get?

2. Which author created the character - ?Captain Nemo?

3. In Kenneth Graham?s famous book ?the wind in the willows?, what sort of creature was ?ratty??

4. Who are the publishers of Catherine Cookson?s books?

5. In the famous rhyme about children?s attributes; what is Tuesday?s child?

6. In which dickens novel does Bill Sykes and a dog called Bullseye appear.

7. Who in Enid Blyton?s fiction collectively owned a dog called ?scamper??

8. According to the nursery rhyme, who got the third bag of ?baa baa blacksheep?s? wool?

9. What was the first James Bond novel to be written by Ian Fleming?

10. What did ?Peter Pan? say were made from every new baby?s first laugh?  


1. Cheap paper-backed book with stories about crime or horror

2. Jules Verne.

3. Water vole

4. Mills & boon

5. Full of grace

6. Oliver Twist.

7. The secret seven.

8. The little boy who lived down the lane.

9. Casino Royale.

10. Fairies


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