Occupational Therapy Quiz 1

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What are the occupations of the following characters (and get a bonus point for the TV show):

1. Harold Steptoe

2. Bernard Hedges

3. Trigger

4. Geraldine Grainger

5. Gladys Emmanuelle

6. Jacko (Played by Karl Howman)

7. Terry McCann

8. Niles Crane

9. Douglas Ross

10. Della Street  


1. Rag and Bone Man (Steptoe & Son)

2. Teacher (Please Sir)

3. Road Sweeper (Only Fools and Horses)

4. Vicar (Vicar of Dibley)

5. Nurse (Open all hours)

6. Painter (Brush Strokes)

7. Minder

8. Psychiatrist (Frasier)

9. Doctor (ER)

10. Secretary (Perry Mason)


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