Grey Quiz 1

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1. In which decade was Earl Grey prime minister (1830s, 1850, 1870s 1890s)?

2. Which group had a top 10 hit in 1981 with Fade to Grey?

3. In which musical film of the 1970s does Joel Grey play an MC?

4. Who wrote the novel Riders of the Purple Sage, published in 1912?

5. Who was for many years the presenter of the BBC?s The Old Grey Whistle Test?

6. In 1553 lady Jane Grey was Queen of England for how many days?

7. Thomas Gray?s famous elegy is set in a country courtyard somewhere in Berkshire, where?

8. By what name is the fictional Lord of Greystoke better known?

9. In which English county is the town Grays?

10. Grey Gables is a familiar location in which popular radio programme?  


1. 1830s

2. Visage

3. Cabaret

4. Zane Grey

5. Bob Harris

6. 9

7. Stoke Poges

8. Tarzan

9. Essex

10. The Archers


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