Inventions Quiz 3

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The following inventive quiz round was kindly submitted by Steve Gardiner from the UK. Thanks again Steve.

1. What did Trevor Bayliss invent for use as an educational tool to tackle the spread of AIDS in Africa?

2. Whose name entered the language in 1927 when he perfected frozen food?

3. In 1851, what did Leon Foucault?s pendulum demonstrate?

4. What did British toymaker Frank Hornby patent in 1907, which is still going today?

5. Who founded his own business in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1889 and invented the steam turbine?

6. Hungarian Bala Shick perfected the Shick test in the 30s which detected susceptibility to which childhood illness?

7. What, specifically, did Eli Whitney invent in 1793 which revolutionised the way cotton was cropped the southern US?

8. Englishman Henry Bessemer invented the first process for the mass production of what in the 1870s?

9. What was invented by Jethro Tull in 1701?

10. For what was Tim Berners-Lee awarded 1 million Euros in 2004 as the first recipient of the Finland Millennium Technology prize?


1.The clockwork / wind-up radio

2. Clarence Birdseye

3. The rotation of the Earth

4. Meccano

5. Charles Algernon Parsons

6. Diphtheria

7. The cotton gin, which removed seeds and other rubbish from the picked cotton

8. Steel

9. The seed drill for the efficient sewing and covering of seeds in rows

10. He invented/developed the ideas behind the World Wide Web


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