Motoring Quiz 1

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1. Who designed the mini?

2. Was the first powered road vehicle manufactured in 1769, 1779, 1789 or 1799?

3. What was Rolls of Rolls Royce fame first name?

4. Who supplies all tyres to this years Formula 1 championships?

5. What make of cars was Lord Nuffield responsible for manufacturing?

6. In which country are Saabs manufactured?

7. The Carmargue was an example of which type of marquee?

8. Which British car manufacturer shares it?s name with a London Bridge?

9. Which car manufacturer made the E type?

10. Which Ferrari was named after the son of Enzo Ferrari who died of muscular dystrophy?

11. Who, in 1858 opened a cigarette factory in London using mostly smoke-cured Latakia leaf from Turkey?

12. Who is the singing wife of Johnny Dankworth?

13. What German car is named after a strong North Atlantic wind?

14. What was the Jaguar car called before 1945?

15. In which American city did the first traffic lights appear?

16. Who was the founder of Lotus Cars Ltd.?

17. Which South American country has RCH on its cars?

18. In sport, which game has the largest playing pitch?

19. Which car manufacturer designed Chris Boardman?s gold medal-winning bike?

20. Which car model was named after the man who founded Detroit?  


1. Sir Alec Issigonis

2. 1769

3. Charles

4. Goodyear

5. Morris

6. Sweden

7. Rolls Royce

8. Vauxhall

9. Jaguar

10. Dino

11. Philip Morris. (Morris cars)

12. Cleo lane

13. Passat. (VW).

14. SS. - Manufactured by SS Cars Ltd and renamed after the war for obvious reasons

15. Detroit in 1919

16. Colin Chapman

17. Chile

18. Polo (VW)

19. Lotus

20. Cadillac


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