Whats in a Name Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Thanks Alan, great round!

1. Which French royal house gave its name to a biscuit

2. Which verb, meaning "to shun" was originally the name of a 19th century Irish land agent and later a famous English cricketer

3. Which Moroccan town gave its name to a hat

4. What was the surname of the American cattle baron that was originally given to unbranded cattle but later to an unorthodox or undisciplined person

5. What name links a household appliance, a massive construction project and an American law enforcer

6. The name of which famous British naval base became rhyming slang for running away or escaping

7. Which ite of clothing took its name from a suburb of Bombay - dungarees, jodhpurs or puttees

8. What type of headgear is named after a character in a poem by the famous Scotsman Robert Burns

9. What type of bag is named after a British Prime Minister

10. The French town of Nimes gave its name to which universally used clothing item 


1. Bourbon

2. Boycott

3. Fez

4. Maverick

5. "Hoover" - cleaner, dam and FBI Director

6. Scapa Flow - "scarper" or go

7. Dungarees

8. Tam o'Shanter

9. Gladstone

10. Denim - "serge de Nimes" 


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