A Good Laugh Quiz 1

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1. Who plays the incompetent proprietor of Fawlty Towers?

2. How were Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor dressed when they were arrested in the film Stir Crazy?

3. Who lived at Railway Cuttings, East Cheam?

4. Who wrote the screenplay for Barefoot in the Park, based on his Broadway success?

5. I Love Lucy was the first American Sitcom seen in Britain, who was the star?

6. Who did Paul Eddington play in Yes Minister?

7. Which comedian is the husband of Dawn French?

8. A Clown too many is the autobiography of which comedian who died in 1993?

9. In which city is the bar in cheers situated?

10. In which film did Tony Curtis & Jack Lemmon dress in drag and join an all girls band?  


1. John Cleese

2. As Chickens

3. Tony Hancock

4. Neil Simon

5. Lucille Ball

6. Jim Hacker

7. Lenny Henry

8. Les Dawson

9. Boston

10. Some Like it Hot


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