Sweeties Quiz 1

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1. Who had a number 1 record in 1963 with Sweets For My Sweet?

2. Which computer company was founded by Alan Sugar?

3. Who wrote the novel Popcorn?

4. Who directed the 1974 film Sugarland Express?

5. What kind of sugar has the same name as a region in Guyana?

6. Sugar Snap is a type of which vegetable?

7. Who wrote the story Charlie and the Chocolate factory?

8. In 1951 Sugar Ray Robinson lost his world title at which weight to Randolph Turpin?

9. Who had a number 1 in 1969 with the song Sugar Sugar?

10. Who played Philip Marlowe in the 1944 film, Murder my sweet?  


1. The Searchers

2. Amstrad

3. Ben Elton

4. Steven Spielburg

5. Demerara

6. Pea

7. Roald Dahl

8. Middleweight (corrected by David Wilkins - thanks David!)

9. The Archies

10. Dick Powell


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