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1. Which MP did former government minister Jennie Lee marry in 1934?

2. Francis Lee has had two successful careers in sport. The first was a footballer; what is the second?

3. Which film by Spike Lee tells the story of the victim of an assassination?

4. Of which country was Lee Kuan Yew prime minister for 30 years?

5. To which opposing general did General Robert E Lee surrender in 1865 at Appomattox?

6. In which novel by Harper Lee is the leading character called Atticus Finch?

7. Which medical complaint gave Peggy Lee a Top Ten hit in 1958?

8. Princess Lee Radwizill became better known to the public because of her more famous sister. Who was she?

9. In which year did Lee Harvey Oswald die?

10. Which style of acting was pioneered by Lee Strasberg?  


1. Aneurin Bevan

2. Racehorse trainer

3. Malcolm X

4. Singapore

5. General Ulysses S Grant

6. To Kill A Mocking Bird

7. Fever

8. Jackie Kennedy Onassis

9. 1963

10. The Method


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