Hot Shots Quiz 1

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1. Who manufactured the .45-calibre peacemaker revolver, the most famous handgun in America?s west?

2. Which character did James Arness play in the TV series GUNSMOKE?

3. Was the inventor of the Thompson Sub-Machinegun John T.Thompson, as General in the US or British Army?

4. Ben Gun is a character in which famous novel?

5. Which gun is associated with Dirty Harry?

6. Which footballer made 6 appearances for Scotland between 1990 and 1994, whilst on the books of Norwich City?

7. During which famous 19th Century conflict did Richard Gattling invent his famous gun?

8. Who played Paladin in the 50s TV series ?Have Gun Will Travel??

9. What was the name of the gun firm started by two men whose Christian names were Horace & Daniel?

10. Which rock ?n? roller scored a top 20 hit in 1960 with ?Pistol Packin? Mama?  


1. Samuel Colt

2. Marshall Matt Dillion

3. British Army

4. Treasure Island

5. Magnum

6. Bryan Gunn

7. American Civil War

8. Richard Boone

9. Smith & Wesson

10. Gene Vincent


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