Ships and their Captains Quiz 1

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1. What did the Sirius and the Great Western do for the first time in 1838?

2. What are spankers, crossjacks and fore royals?

3. An American liner gained the blue riband of the Atlantic for the fastest crossing in 1952. (She travelled at an average speed of 35.59 knots). What was her name?

4. What did Ship Money mean in the reign of Charles I ?

5. In 1819 a paddle-steamer crossed the Atlantic from west to east - the greater part under sail. What was her name?

6. The Vasa, a 17th century sailing ship, is now in a museum in which city?

7. What sort of ship is a brig?

8. Andrew Barton, often called the father of his country's navy, was shot in a sea fight with the English in 1511. What was his nationality?

9. Which English king sailed in a ship called Tranche-le-Mer?

10. Which enemy admiral sailed down the English Channel with a broom tied to his masthead and declared "I have swept the seas of the English dogs"?

11. When the Vittoria, one of the ships of Ferdinand Magellan, reached Seville after a three-year voyage, what distinction had she achieved?

12. Now an easy one for Paul. Where is Nelson's Victory permanently berthed?

13. What is the Plimsoll Mark?

14. Which of Brunel's ships was the first large vessel to be constructed of iron and to have a screw propeller?

15. What fits into a yacht's tabernacle?


1. Cross the Atlantic on continuous steam power.

2. Types of sails

3. The S.S. United States

4. A tax - levied in 1634 - on the seaport towns and in the following year, on the inland towns too.

5. The Savannah

6. Stockholm. (The Vasa was raised from Stockholm Harbour in 1961, 333 years after her  ill-fated maiden voyage in 1628)

7. A two-masted sailing vessel with square sails on both masts and a gaff mainsail.

8. Scottish

9. Richard the Lionheart

10. The Dutch Admiral Van Tromp

11. The first ship to have sailed around the globe

12. Portsmouth

13. A mark painted on the side of the ship to show the limit to which any ship may be loaded.

14. The Great Britain

15. The foot of the mast (it is a socket for the mast).


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