Schools Out Quiz 1

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1. Who had a hit with Schools Out in the 1970s

2. Before they appeared in Eastenders in which school TV series did Susan Tulley and Todd Carty appear?

3. Who bullied Tom Brown at Rugby School?

4. Which Scottish school did Prince Charles attend?

5. Which football referee is a master in a public school?

6. Which teacher left school to go "Walking on the Moon"?

7. Most Of The Cast Of Which Tv Series Attended Jefferson High School?

8. What school did fat boy Billy Bunter attend?

9. Who was the head teacher in the BBC?s "Hope and Glory"?

10. And finally a Spelling test.... spell "catarrh", the fluid released from the mucous membrane during a cold  


1. Alice Cooper

2. Grange Hill

3. Flashman

4. Gordonstoun

5. David Ellery

6. Gordon Sumner (Sting)

7. Happy Days

8. Greyfriars School

9. Lenny Henry



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