Famous Buildings Quiz 1

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Many thanks to Mike Hammond from the UK for this round.

1. Which building in Paris was erected in 1718 for Louis d?Auvergne, the Count of Evreux?

2. The tomb of the wife of Shah Jahan can be visited in the Indian city of Agra, how is it better known?

3. In which English county is Chatsworth House, home of the Duke of Devonshire?

4. Which famous building can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue?

5. In which city were the twin towers of the World Trade Centre?

6. Which famous building was begun by Napoleon Bonaparte and completed in 1836?

7. In which US city is the Sears Tower, which when built in 1974, was the tallest in the world?

8. In which European city is the Parthenon?

9. Which famous building was purchased in 1761 by George III of England?

10. In which city would you find the world?s tallest hotel, the Westin Statmford at 88 stories high?  


1. Elysee Palace

2. Taj Mahal

3. Derbyshire

4. The White House

5. New York

6. Arc de Triomphe

7. Chicago

8. Athens

9. Buckingham Palace

10. Singapore


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