High Noon Quiz 1

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1. Which historic event is said to have caused ?darkness at noon??

2. What is the name of the title song in the film High Noon?

3. Who or what according to the song ?go out in the midday sun??

4. According to Milton ?From morn to noon he fell? who?

5. Noon like Kayak is an example of what kind of word?

6. ?Far from the fiery noon? is a quotation from Hyperion by which poet?

7. Peter Noone was the lead singer with which pop group?

8. What was at noon according to the title of a well known novel by Arthur Koesler?

9. What was the title of Gregory peck?s noon related movie from 1949 for which he was nominated an Oscar?

10. When its noon GMT in England what time is it in New York?  


1. The Crucifixion

2. Do not forsake me (oh my darlin?)

3. Mad dogs and Englishmen

4. Lucifer (the devil)

5. A palindrome

6. John Keats

7. Herman?s Hermits

8. Darkness

9. Twelve O?Clock High

10. 7am


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