Decorations and Emblems Quiz 2

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1. What are the colours of the flag of the United Nations?

2. What is the title of the Chief Herald in Scotland?

3. The maple leaf is the botanical emblem of Canada and the thistle is the botanical emblem of Scotland. ~ What is the botanical emblem of Australia?

4. The flag of which country can be described as follows: a Union Jack in the top left-hand corner, with four stars on a blue background?

5. Which national flag -a white cross set against a red background was adopted in 1219?

6. What name is given to the ceremony of conferring a knighthood where the sovereign touches the knight lightly on each shoulder with the flat of a sword?

7. What is the name of the British Order of Merit awarded to members of the Army, Navy and Air Force for conspicuous valour? It was established in 1856?

8. What is known as 'the Stars and Stripes'?

9. Which flag is red with a five-pointed yellow star at its centre?

10. What is a Jolly Roger?  


1. Pale blue and white

2. Lord Lyon King of Arms

3. The wattle blossom

4. New Zealand

5. Denmark's

6. Accolade or dubbing

7. Victoria Cross

8. The flag of the USA

9. Vietnams

10. The pirates flag


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