Colours Quiz 4

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All the answers contain a colour.
All the colours are different.

1. Whoopie Goldberg played the part of Celie in which film?

2. What was the name of the cox on Oxford?s 1981/82 boat?

3. In which film did Christopher Lee play Scaramanga?

4. What was the name of the train that Richard Prior and Gene Wilder got on board in 1977?

5. The Miami dolphins play in a stadium known as what?

6. Which TV police series ran from 1955 ? 1976 for total of 434 episodes?

7. In chess which colour moves first?

8. What colour is the number 8 ball in pool?

9. What kind of Christmas did Elvis Presley have a hit with?

10. Who had a number one hit in the US with ?Brick in the Wall?  


1. The Colour Purple

2. Sue Brown

3. The Man With the Golden Gun

4. Silver Streak

5. Orange Bowl

6. Dixon of Dock Green

7. White

8. Black

9. Blue Christmas

10. Pink Floyd  

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